Below are examples of ductwork being installed using the Duct Strap system.
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There are two ways that the Duct Strap can be installed. The Duct Strap can be installed on the insulated duct before attaching the Duct Strap to the structure.
If desired, the Duct Strap can also be attached to the structure first and then the insulated flex duct can be hung using the Duct Strap.Either way you choose to use the Duct Strap it makes hanging flexible ductwork simple and quick to mount.






The Duct Straps come in two different sizes.
The large size that is shown in the pictures above will accomodate 6" to 10" insulated flexible ductwork.

The small size that is shown in the pictures below is designed for hanging  2" to 4" Unico/Spacepack systems.




This installer is quickly attaching the Duct Straps directly to the structure with screws.



When you use the Duct Strap to install insulated ductwork you save time; making your job look more professional and maximizing air flow deliveries.




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